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In a world cluttered with the noise of pain, fear, despair and hopelessness, people are seeking answers…searching for their place in the midst of the chaos. They’re in search of a voice to calm the storm and bring solutions for change, transformation and hope. The voice they seek is the voice of God. Our generation has no greater need than to witness the supernatural shift that occurs when they HEAR THEIR PLACE IN THE WORLD. And it all starts right now…

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“Giving is an exchange… never an extraction, that carries a mutual benefit.” -RJ McCowan

About The Exchange

Hope Harvest

We have an unprecedented opportunity to make a greater difference in the lives of those searching for truth locally, regionally, and globally. Dr. RJ has a vision to expand “Hope Harvest” to reach and serve even more people by providing the practical resources they need. Together, we’re going to make a difference in the lives of young people and build up the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and ministers.

Media Outreach

 Together, we will leverage the power of technology to expand our media outreach and engage more people with the practical and life-changing power of God’s Word. The door will be open to reach MILLIONS and significantly increase the impact of the “Anointed for Increase” broadcast.

Our Commitment To You

With every seed sown, you can expect a harvest. As an Exchange Partnership you can expect to receive: (1) A special certificate that commemorates your decision to become an inaugural EXCHANGE partner. (2) You will also receive a monthly letter of encouragement from Dr. McCowan. (3) As a partner you will enjoy a monthly CD or .mp3 download from Dr. McCowan’s sermon archive. (4) Access to a special “partners only” digital community to share testimonies and receive ministry.

The Exchange

We believe that your commitment will be greatly rewarded and above all, together, we will experience the joy of seeing a harvest of souls won to the kingdom in these last days. We thank you for your monthly commitment: (1) Faithful support this ministry with your financial monthly support. (2) Pray for RJ McCowan Ministries as we endeavor to share the gospel around the world.

The Exchange Partnership

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The Mission

For over 30 years Pastor RJ McCowan has been committed to his call of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and activating the supernatural power of the kingdom of God His passion for teaching people how to clearly hear the voice of God in these last days is a vital necessity to the body of Christ. NOW more than ever we need to clearly hear and understand that VOICE!

Just like Elijah experienced this when he received God’s direction, not in the strong wind, not in the earthquake, or the fire, but rather in a still small voice (1 Kings 19: 11-13). It was that voice that led him to continue on fulfilling his destiny. It’s that same voice, that same still small voice that is reaching out to us through the revelation of God’s word that will cause us to step away from fear and boldly into faith.