April 20, 2018

Spiritual Fathering, Mentoring, and Fostering

Through the Apostolic ministry gift, Dr. McCowan has successfully fathered, fostered, mentored, and nurtured many spiritual sons and daughters connecting them to their destiny in God by demonstrating a life submission and purpose in Holy Spirit. A divine transfer has taken place in the lives of others through his ministry. Pastor RJ’s heart beats to the pattern of God’s where people are concerned. He is influenced by the nature of God and His Word and moved with the compassion of the Spirit. He understands God’s design and intent to transfer the anointing. Known for the dynamic expressions of God encounters, Pastor RJ’s truest gifts in the earth is Grace, poise, and Wisdom driven by the desire to honor God and His Presence living a life that enables others to prosper. He embraces the pastoral gift of God by teaching, preaching the Word of God with clarity extending a constant invite into God’s Reward system by prophetic utterances and instruction. It is God’s desire to transfer His goodness through His man and woman to empower the spreading, extension, and duplication of His essence. The spiritual transfer and teachings of Dr. McCowan have often times quickened the lives of his sons and daughters through the signature markings on his life, the Shekinah Presence of God Almighty. Those who have chosen to lead a life of understudy, are marked with testimonies of goodness as they implement the teachings as they embrace and practice the Presence of God. Dr. McCowan is unique in the sense that he is not moved by things. He has a servant’s heart which is both seen and felt. His family spiritual children carry these similar or same markings. He is a Man of God moved with compassion, the heart of God, and the Word that he hears from God. His heart’s desire is to see every family receive the transfer to alleviate generational gaps so that each family unit can operate in full strength serving in ministry, the house of God, and the lives of others. It is the essence of strong living, Pneuma, life-changing presence of God that breathes upon people giving life and causing change.