May 1, 2018


Father, thank You for making righteous through the Blood of Jesus. I have a blood-bought covenant right to walk in Your divine favor all the days of my life. I am blessed and highly favored by You and by man. People go out of their way to bless me. Your favor surrounds me as a mighty shield. I daily experience preferential treatment and special privileges. Doors that were once closed are now open for me. I have supernatural increase and promotion. I have recognition, prominence, and honor in the midst of my adversaries.

Because I am highly favored by You and man, I encounter great victories, supernatural turnarounds, and miraculous breakthroughs in the midst of great impossibilities. Petitions are grants unto me, even by ungodly authority. Policies, rules, laws, and regulations are changed for my benefit. I thank You for the assistance of the angelic host, who intervene and work on my behalf.

In the name of Jesus, I walk in the favor of God and in the comfort of Holy Spirit every day, all the time, every hour, every minute, and every second. This is the day, the set time, the designated moment for me to experience the free favors of God that profusely and lavishly abound on my behalf. Amen.