April 20, 2018

Date With Destiny

Both then and now, many are acknowledging the Apostolic anointing on the life and ministry of Pastor McCowan. He is a member of Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association. His Sonship is under the leadership of the honorable Dr. Creflo A. Dollar Jr. His wife, Pastor Beverly McCowan, compliments his anointing in a very special way which adds to the authenticity of the covering that hovers over Pneuma Christian Center. She’s known for her great love of people, the Pneuma family, and our communities. She is passionate and compassionate to the things of God and His people. Pastor’s daughter, Kilzma McCowan Brown, his son-in-law Ivan Brown both flow under the sanction of the ministry, teaching and preaching the Word of God with clarity and precision. They have two children. Both Reagyn and Lacye are already sensing the call and mandates on their lives. The Father has honored His Covenant with Pastor RJ McCowan through his lineage and the extension of the family name through Godly encounters and visitations in the early ages are their lives. Dr. RJ McCowan is the Founder and Overseer of Pneuma Christain Center International. The first location is in Chattanooga, Tennessee.