April 20, 2018

First Encounters With God

At the age of 12, Dr. RJ McCowan began to experience encounters with God. He would soon find himself in another Heavenly encounter at the age of 17. Upon reaching the age of 23 years old, he experienced a peculiar, yet significant supernatural encounter. It was the strongest visitation yet up until that timeline of his life. That encounter with God would alter his course and forever change his life. Upon leaving a party to change clothes, walking his way back to the party, God appeared to him in Person. He spoke to Him and engaged in dialogue with him about who he was and who He shall be. At that moment, he had come in direct contact with His calling, and the Shekinah Presence of God. Pneuma, the Breath of God – Wind of God breathed life, introducing him to purpose and salvation. To date, he has become known as the one ‘with the Wind’, which is the tangible expression of the Holy Spirit and the Shekinah Glory. This is one of the many hallmarks and Signature placed on His life. The Wind of God hovers in, on, and around the Prophet of God.