April 20, 2018

“I’ve Anointed You to Build.”

Pneuma Christian Center was founded by Pastors RJ & Beverly McCowan. It was incorporated in 1996. From humble beginnings, services were held in hotel banquet rooms and a former dance studio in the early years. They would begin their walk of faith, learning to hear the instructions of a Father to be divinely led by His Spirit. The Father would reveal and unfold another dimension of grace by the expression of, “I’ve anointed you to build. Build My house and I will build yours.” Seemingly, starting without a blueprint, financing, skilled workers, or connections, Holy Spirit would then guide Dr. RJ. During this time, he would learn the essence of living by faith and the importance of a solid connection to God, ministering to the Holy Ghost by the way of prayer, Word study,and fasting. In return, God ministered seed to His Sower and bread to the eater. God would also honor the Grace on the house at Pneuma Christian Center. He began the building project with 70 members and only $65,000 in the bank. As he continued to step out on faith and trust God, he would come to discover that provision had been made. On October 24, 2004, Pneuma walked into a new facility, paid for in full and debt-free! The building has an estimated value of over $3 million dollars. Since its first phase completion, Pneuma continues to expand, adding more offices along with three additional buildings.